Post-Holiday Solidarity!

So you’ve made it through the most wonderful time of the year! Well done! Now as the next year starts, just a quick reminder to send solidarity and keep an eye on other branches of Unite fighting the good fight this year.

Cambridge University Unite think Outsourcing SUCKS!
(and so do we!).

Cambridge University have proposed outsourcing of key professional services staff and the Unite branch there have begun an excellent campaign to show just how much Outsourcing SUCKS! This author is particularly impressed by their excellent memes, and much like with out own fight to protect our pensions it is so heartening to see the local community, students and politicians joining in.

Follow their Twitter & Instagram accounts, or visit their webpage here:

SQA Unite continue to fight for certainty

The Scottish Government announced they’d be shutting the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) – then asked them to do all the prep work to close themselves down. Unite at the SQA have had a difficult time getting fruitful discussions, but thanks to their efforts useful talks are taking place.

Keep an eye on their fight here:

UCU across the UK fights to protect their pension

In a struggle we’re all too familiar with, UCU branches across the UK recently took action to protect their pension. That national scheme (for most Grade 7+ staff at Dundee) is called USS. The trustees are proposing to lower the Defined Benefit (DB) element of the scheme based on a contested valuation.

Keep an eye on Dundee UCU (DUCU):

Unite at the University of Glasgow

I can’t think of a headline for these guys because there’s so much to say!
Recently they’ve been standing up against sexual harassment, getting an amazing turnout in the JNCHES pay ballot, and being all round supportive union colleagues. They sent us solidarity and also a massive donation to our strike fund when we fought to protect our pensions. We are lucky to have such amazing comrades!

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